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About Us


Our Vision

To enable universal access to clean energy by revolutionizing the mobility sector for the benefit of people and our environment.

Our Mission

To accelerate the access of affordable, clean energy technology in the mobility sector through excellent customer service and continued agility.

Our Values

• Strive for the best in customer service and environmental excellence.
• Leverage diversity and integrity for the greater good of the environment and our communities.
• Continually improve to drive innovation, keeping science and evidence at our core.
• Be agile in creating the right access and opportunities for our people and our communities.

Founded in 2019, Spiro began as “M Auto Electric”. M Auto worked for eight years on streamlining the auto-rickshaw industry and introducing gender inclusion in transportation. M Auto was launched in Africa in 2022 and is currently operational in Benin, Togo, Rwanda and Uganda.

We introduced world-class electric three-wheelers and two-wheelers to revolutionize and bring a new perspective to the auto-rickshaw, personal transport, and intra-city commuting services market.

Spiro is on the verge of becoming an innovation leader in sustainable vehicle designing and smart battery development using exceptional engineering. Benefits include:

In 2022, we underwent a rebrand to launch Spiro. We leveraged our experience in innovation and market understanding to create a brand that offers a desirable yet sustainable long-term ecosystem for urban mobility.

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Our name Spiro symbolises many elements of our company. Spiro takes its roots both the ancient Greeks as well as in science. The word ‘spiro’ means a basket to carry seeds of life or energy in ancient Greek – a metaphor for our two and three wheeled electric vehicles. By democratising clean technology, we mean to help people become more mobile, both physically and within society, in an environmentally responsible way.

Spiro is also a type of compound in chemistry which reminds us to ground ourselves in scientific evidence and integrity in all that we do.