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Accelerating Towards Sustainability: Rising Above the Fossil Fuel Conundrum

Hello everyone,

I am Jules Samain, the CEO of Spiro, Africa’s leading electric motorbike and clean energy company. As the world around us rapidly evolves, it’s clear that climate change is not just an issue of the future, it is an issue of the now. It is pressing, urgent, and inescapable. However, responding to this urgency cannot and should not compromise our vision for long-term, sustainable energy solutions. Today, I want to discuss this delicate balance – the necessity to act swiftly yet sustainably.

Historically, the majority of Africa’s energy has come from fossil fuels, predominantly diesel. This has been heavily subsidised by governments to keep the cost of energy relatively low. However, these subsidies have recently been removed by the Nigerian government, leading to a rapid surge in diesel prices. While this may seem alarming to consumers and businesses reliant on diesel, I believe it presents an opportunity for all of us to reconsider our energy sources and move towards more sustainable alternatives.

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Diesel prices were already rising before the withdrawl of subsidies

At Spiro, we anticipated these shifts. Our electric motorbikes and charging stations are not just responses to the climate crisis; they’re strategic investments into a future of clean, renewable energy. As diesel prices continue to soar, we’re proud to provide a stable, lower cost for electric charging energy, making it a more viable option for consumers and a compelling proposition for investors. This isn’t just about providing a cost-effective solution; it’s about changing mindsets and behaviours towards cleaner, renewable sources of energy.

The road to clean energy is a long one, marked by many challenges. But we’re making significant strides. The sudden increase in diesel prices could be seen as a roadblock, but I urge you to look at it as a signpost. It signals the urgent need for change and the viability of clean energy alternatives. As the costs of fossil fuels rise and become unpredictable, the stability and sustainability of clean energy continue to stand strong.

We’re not just building motorbikes at Spiro; we’re constructing an ecosystem of clean energy. We’re part of a broader movement that sees the value in renewable resources, not just as an investment opportunity but as a sustainable, long-term solution to the pressing issue of climate change.

It’s a thrilling time to be involved in clean energy, especially in Africa. The market continues to trend towards sustainability, and it’s clear that the shift away from fossil fuels is not just necessary but inevitable. To our investors, this isn’t just a profitable shift; it’s an opportunity to be part of a solution that will change the course of our planet’s future.

To our consumers, you’re not just purchasing an electric vehicle; you’re investing in a future where you’re not at the mercy of fluctuating fossil fuel prices. You’re supporting a future of stable, affordable, and environmentally friendly energy.

We are on the brink of a major shift in how we perceive and utilise energy, and it’s our collective responsibility to ensure that this shift aligns with the principles of sustainability. Let’s not be defined by the urgency of the climate crisis but inspired by it to innovate, evolve, and progress towards a sustainable future. This is our vision at Spiro – a vision of an electrified, sustainable Africa. And every day, with every electric motorbike we produce, we’re making that vision a reality.

Thank you for your trust and support as we continue this journey together.

Best regards,

Jules Samain

CEO, Spiro