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Battery Pack Data Analyst

Introduction to Spiro:

Spiro is revolutionizing the future of electric mobility in Africa, focusing on electric mobility and energy storage solutions. In 13 months’ time, we are already the no.1 e-mobility player across entire Africa and steadfastly maintaining this position with more than 6 countries operation already and growing fast to scaleup the operation not only within Africa , but to Lat. America and few other countries conducive to our business. With our current operations already running in countries like Benin, Togo, and Rwanda, and starting at Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, Spiro is committed to sustainable development, technological innovation, and community impact. In a very short span of time, our achievement has gone much beyond the recognition as a EV player, rather , we are also the only Carbon Credit registered company in Africa and working to create a big impact in circular economy for battery creating an ecosystem of clean and green Africa. A token of our small footprint achieved so far, over two million battery swaps and roaring to double it in next 3 months’ time, nearly 10,000 electric motorcycles on the road and multi-fold jump in couple of months down the road, and hundreds of jobs created and all these just in 13 months duration. We invite bright minds to join this journey and be a part of the mission to create a cleaner, and greener future.

Position Overview:

As an Architect at Spiro, you will be a vital part of our dynamic team, playing a crucial role in shaping the future of clean energy technology. You will lead the thought process, conceptualization design and architect robust product/system (hardware & Software systems ) to support largest E-Mobility platform in entire Africa. Spearhead, consultation and collaboration closely with cross-functional teams, you will ensure seamless integration of ideas, thoughts and cutting edge technologies to bring up best in class technology on the move , which will become the asset for IP, Patents and an Investment base for the organization. While a strong and cutting edge technology is the base, cost optimized and choice of optimal and reliable components, compliance with industry standards and safety are few key facets to be seen as deterministic and success factor for this position to stay ahead of the competition.

Title: AM-Battery Pack Data Analyst
Location: Pune
Reports To: SM- Battery Pack Architect
Experience Requirements: Battery Data Analyst/Data Scientist (8+ yrs.)

  • The Battery Systems Data Analyst will be responsible for, development of battery data analytics and
  • predictive system engineering tools with sensitivity analytic data input for design robustness, cost
  • optimization, marketing insight, Customer relationship management and increasing asset reliability.
  • Lead in analysing, processing, and tracking the Mega/Giga bytes of battery test data, and field data, vehicle
  • and fleet testing data, during the course of product development, testing, and validation.
  • Play crucial role in multiple vehicle programs and dealt with multitude of data, i.e. cell, pack, & vehicle.
  • Responsible for generating highly analytical and quality outcome data processing, and have background in
  • Cell. Battery Pack, Powertrain system in an EV ecosystem.
  • Documentation, graphical presentation, synthesis of logical information to make design sense, with overall
  • focus on making the presentation as a business sense.
  • Business model development from initial assumption with mix of trained data, and keep improvising it with
  • time and data and garnered experience in the business operation.
  • Develop and apply battery data analytics and advance predictive system engineering tools for prediction and
  • verification of battery system performance – Cycle life, Capacity fading, Thermal, SoH etc. impacting
  • business for cost and long term asset reliability.
  • Develop battery usage profiles and mission profiles for battery life modelling/ prediction/simulations and
  • component designs for durability and other applications.
  • Analyse battery and vehicle usage data from Fleet Test Vehicles to compare and validate battery life and
  • performance models.
  • Support development of appropriate battery usage history statistics and their online recording
  • Analyse critical battery performance during the entire product lifecycle including: power and energy
  • performance, battery life, safety performance.
  • Help develop tests as needed for verifying battery system performance and execute product design
  • improvements.
  • Lead the data analysis activities and interpretation related to battery field performance to guide requirements
  • development and product improvements
  • Provide technical expertise in investigation of system issues and support root cause analysis and mitigation
  • and corrective action plans.
  • Collaborate closely with internal cross functional team (CFT) for cell, pack, reliability, and manufacturing
  • engineers and external parties, to drive battery system architecture for gathering critical information.
  • Provide technical and/or techno-commercial leadership and mentorship to the engineering team.
  • Stay current with the latest technology in EV ecosystem, rather being sacrosanct to battery and technology.
  • Support development advance analytic model for battery for asset life, safety, diagnostic and prognostics etc.
  • Should play pivotal role as an independent contributor and a strong leader to lead a team of engineers.
  • Have a haunch for working towards generating IP/Patents and slow migration towards SaaS platform.
  • Carry a profit centre mindset for the position with futuristic and competitive product to monetisation.
  • 8 to 9years of overall experience with at least 5+ years’ worked as Data Analyst/Data Scientist in EV eco system.
  • BE/B. Tech/ME/MS/M. Tech degree in Electrical/Chemical/Electro-Chemical/Computer Science Engineering.
  • PhD in Data Science with less years of domain experience can also be the candidate for it.
  • Good understanding of Li-ion cell electrochemistry, cell/battery life models and battery life behaviour.
  • Must have worked in product engineering design and development in automotive industry and have prior
  • experience in mathematical modelling and data analysis/processing/mining.
  • Knowledge of design of experiments, parameter fitting, optimization, and data regression methods
  • General knowledge of EV Battery/BMS/EV-Powertrain systems.
  • Experience in performance modeling with advance tools – COMSOL, GT-Suite and ANSYS.
  • Experience using a disciplined system development process based on ASPICE or CMMI model.
  • Experience with DOORs, CANalyzer/CANoe and CANape
  • Self-motivated personality with strong deliverables orientation
Benefits and Compensation:
  • Competitive compensation.
  • Health and dental insurance.
  • Opportunities for professional development.
Application Process:

Please send your CV to : mylene.doevi@spironet.com
A cover letter is not compulsory but if you wish to send one, we will be happy to read it.
For inquiries, please contact : Mylène DOEVI – mylene.doevi@spironet.com

Join Spiro in driving a sustainable future and apply today! Spiro is an equal opportunity employer committed to

diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals, regardless of race, gender, disability, or age.

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