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Fight Against Climate Change

Spiro the leading EV Startup in Africa has a vision of revolutionising the mobility sector for the benefit of people and our environment. We believe that the rapid change to electric mobility is crucial to building a sustainable future for all. For over 10 years, our main goal has remained the same – to make technological advancements that accelerate the transformation to electric-powered transportation. Our larger goal is to contribute to sustainability by reducing the dependency on non-renewable energy.

We’re focused on safeguarding the environment by making it simple and feasible for drivers to go electric. With more than 500 charging and swapping stations across our operations, we cover most of the major urban areas, allowing customers to stay within 10 miles of the charging area. Together, we enable organizations and individuals to make a positive impact on the environment.

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Green logistics

Focused on minimising transportation miles and the effects of non-renewable energy source usage through technological advancement.


Our policies guarantee that all levels of our business understand the corporate and social obligations we have to our customers, local communities and their representatives.


Continually aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations through innovation and careful execution.

Practical Green Solutions

Continuous investment in innovation, frameworks and processes allows us to minimise fossil-fuel by-products, and thus limit our impact on the environment.

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Not Just Air-Pollution Control

Although we are concerned about air pollution, we are oblivious to the noise annoyance precipitated by vehicular road traffic, which has been attributed to uneasiness, headaches, sleep disruption, depression, severe anxiety, and behavioural changes (Singh, Kumari and Sharma (2018)[1]). Switching off the engine roars of motor vehicles can impact the health and well-being of humans and wildlife alike.

The loudest sound EVs will generally make is clamour brought about by the tires or the breeze at high paces. The reduction of vehicle noise however may pose a threat should pedestrians not be aware of their surroundings. We encourage all pedestrians and drivers to always we street and road smart.

Employment Opportunities

Human Ingenuity at the Heart of Change

Incredible and talented people are at the core of every transformation at Spiro. Our exceptionally skilled teams continually achieve new heights of excellence by working together to pursue our shared purpose – To enable universal access to clean energy by revolutionizing the mobility sector for the benefit of people and our environment.

Come, be part of our efforts to drive innovation and sustainability. We welcome your thoughts and ideas so that together, we can make the world a more innovative and sustainable place.

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Characterizing the future of how the world carries on with work implies no day is the same and involves constant learning. You’ll be your own Chief Learning Officer, constructing a wide range of abilities from an organization of associates with profound proficiency, utilizing consistently accessible assets, and attempting to address issues.


Being innovative means asking the right questions and finding solutions to those questions. At Spiro, we will be encouraged to think critically, ask questions, and find improved solutions to problems. As an agile business, you can motivate change for more efficient processes and pathways. You can learn and lead and be the best of yourself by helping with building a dynamic business.


Spiro focuses on the individual and fostering talent. A Spiro employee prides themselves on excellence and is empowered to imagine new opportunities to further their career.


Spiro believes in the importance of creating a qualified workforce to bring our vision to life. We support internship positions to nurture the talent pipeline. Each partner at Spiro has access to our “Grow Your Career” program, a one-stop shop for all career development resources.

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Why Spiro?

Africa has one of the world’s youngest and fastest-growing populations, with people under the age of 25 accounting for roughly 60% of the total population and nearly half of the world’s youth. However, many of Africa’s youth is engaged in the informal sector, where wages are predominantly low and social protection schemes are scarce. Elevated unemployment and underemployment in a country impose inflated costs on individuals and can be extremely detrimental to society’s economy, and prolonged unemployment may lead to an erosion of skills as well as increased scepticism and pessimism.

The electric vehicle industry has come a long way, with manufacturers making significant strides in terms of technology and consumer acceptance. Aside from experts with automotive manufacturing experience, the production and maintenance of electric vehicles will open new doors in diverse fields for most young people. We pioneered the idea of providing vocational training to diploma graduates, aspiring amateurs, and especially women in the region and industry, in addition to focusing on the occupational priorities of this sector. We intend to expand into ten more countries across Africa, creating at least 10,000 new job opportunities, with 3000 new hires in Togo and Benin.

Gender Diversity

Bridging the Gender Divide

In this competitive world, we characterize diversity and inclusion as a way of accommodating the full spectrum of human experience and attitudes. “Appreciating everyone as an individual, valuing people as employees, customers, and clients,” according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) definition of diversity. Gender diversity is not just part of our vision but also central to the Spiro culture. Since our inception, we have pursued a gender-diverse and inclusive work culture while implementing fair compensation practices.

Our goal over the last decade has been to empower women by integrating them into all our segments, elevating them to positions of leadership.

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Benefits of gender diversity in the workplace


Our incredibly diverse workplace offers a new perspective on business operations. We encourage ideas from different points of view emerging from different life experiences, as we believe this drives innovation.


Having women in the team can help create better team dynamics and foster more collaboration by leveraging the softer skills women usually portray.


A supportive culture in the workplace promotes confidence and opportunity. Inclusive work environments will often have low employee turnover rates, which reduces time and money spent on recruitment.


When employees feel restricted, they don’t stay with an organisation. Often organisations that don’t prioritise gender equality run the risk of attracting or retaining top talent.

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An Intersectional Approach to Diversity

Women in West Africa make up more than half of the population and are more economically active, often with entrepreneurial ambitions. They aspire to achieve long-term transformation by building sustainable businesses that contribute to the growth of their respective economies. We are the first automotive brand in Africa to employ women not only in battery manufacturing and charging/swapping infrastructure but also in the fleet and factory, so strengthening a women-empowered society.

Furthermore, we hope to provide multifaceted technical training programs in close cooperation with community and non-governmental organizations in terms of improving the well-being of underprivileged rural women. Our overarching goal is to support underprivileged, vulnerable women, as well as women who need an extra helping hand.

Access to Mobility

At Spiro, we have conducted extensive research to understand all the obstacles that an individual faces in using electric vehicles. From this analysis, we found a lack of accessibility across Africa’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network. With the offer of petroleum and diesel vehicles due to decline from 2030 due to global climate change commitments, Spiro is focusing on charge point accessibility to ensure individuals are not left behind in this future shift.

With our range of access-to-mobility solutions, users can easily avail their own electric vehicles within minutes. Moreover, we have set up more than 1000+ stations across Benin and Togo to enable our users to charge or swap their batteries as per their needs.

Our goal is to provide authorized service-hotspots with routine servicing and quality requirements. We configure an alert system in the vehicles to keep track of them. We accept full responsibility again for the EV and its owner’s safety. And that’s not all – Spiro offers a comprehensive insurance policy. With Spiro Capital, now anyone can own a vehicle.

We have designed a variety of three-wheelers based on public demand. Farmers from rural areas will benefit greatly. Our various verticals also make urban mobility easier. We intend to reach the last mile.

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Leasing solutions for users allow them to own a Spiro Electric Vehicle of their choice in simple steps.


A vast network of Spiro Battery Swapping Stations extend the riding capabilities of EVs for longer miles.

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What Keeps Us Enthusiastic About Access to Mobility

To build a thriving transport sector, a country needs good transport infrastructure. However, most of Africa is still underdeveloped in this regard. West Africa, like many other countries, suffers from a lack of public transportation. Due to the low GDP in many countries across Africa, bicycles and taxis are the most common means of transport.

We are an environmentally charged business aiming to alter the electric mobility industry in Africa. We want to sustainably impact how we approach logistics and passenger travel while ensuring quality, safety and comfort. The goal at Spiro is to construct a universally sustainable business that enables and supports the biological system and the economy from the grassroots level to foster a better future for the world we live in.