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Commando : electric bike


We’ve invested much of our focus into making our most memorable electric motorcycle – a showstopper that will become a trusted ally for many in Benin, Togo & Rwanda. The Spiro Commando gives you a double advantage of comfort and style, and is suitable for a range of clients and their needs.

Dual Batteries to Depend On

Our dual removable lithium-ion batteries are what makes the Commando exceptional. Ingenious, watertight, and safe, our battery pack guarantees more consistent smoother and longer rides. Never run out of charge with Commando’s incredibly versatile, light and practical batteries!

On-Screen HD LED Display

With a Smart Wi-Fi-powered screen projection, get all the data you want right in front of you on a wide 7-inch TFT display. Developed on a Linux system, the display has two modes, day and night that switch automatically. It also features OBD fault reminder and tyre pressure monitoring.

CBS Braking System

Experience the sensation of certainty and control on each outing with the high and light-footed two-wheeler handling that puts you in command. The CBS breaking mechanism will sensibly distribute the brake force to the front and back brake. When you own a Commando, you ride less and fly more.

CHAP CHAP : e-Scooter


Presenting the all-new Chap Chap. Spiro’s most memorable genuinely high-performance e-Scooter with an unparalleled range of up to 90 kilometres for each charge. Performance-focused and stacked with the latest features, the Chap Chap will make a significant impact on how you commute. Supported with the trust, unwavering quality, and customer service of Spiro, the Chap Chap e-scooter is an expression of over eight years of dedicated service in the battery, innovation, and software excellence.

EV Condition at a Glance

The Chap Chap LCD Dashboard is a combination of technology and fashion. Its anti-glare configuration permits riders to read data even under bright light effectively. The dashboard’s multi-coloured (Green, Blue, Yellow) indicator changes according to speed.

A Smooth and Quiet Ride

Vacuum tyres and lightweight wheel hubs offer strength and hardness to the front and rear wheels. With our puncture-proof and water-resistant wheelbase, say goodbye to bumpy rides. Maintain speed and acceleration even in traffic with exceptional cruise control.

Speeds of 60 KM/hour

Be it highways or zooming through occupied streets, the strong 2800-Watt motor incorporated into the back tire delivers propels you in front of traffic and in front of the pack – where you should be. Need some more speed? Simply unleash the throttle to release 2800 Watts of Peak Power soaring your vehicle to 60 kmph. Distance? What distance? Overcome the open roads with the all-new Chap Chap.