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Top 5 Advantages Of Electric Bikes: A New Trend In Togo & Benin

Planning to buy a electric two wheeler in Togo & Benin? Discover the advantages of electric bikes & learn how Spiro leads the ebike industry in this blog.

It’s the 21st century, and the dawn of electric vehicles is upon us. As the whole world prepares to deal with depleting natural resources, automobile companies are developing electric bikes. Electricity-fuelled bikes are a means of greener transportation as they produce zero emissions and don’t depend on fossil fuels for energy. They also have lower costs associated with maintenance and running.

Africa is not behind in terms of electric innovations. A lot of EV start-ups in Africa are coming up with exciting EV models that are more sustainable and affordable. Thus, if you plan to buy an electric two-wheeler in Togo and Benin, this blog is perfect for you.

Read on to find out the Advantages of Electric Bikes and the ease of owning one in Africa.

Electric Bikes – An Overview

Electric bikes use electric motors with batteries as power sources to run. Most electric motors offer 250W to 750W power output.

E-bikes are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs that are typically removable and recharged using standard electrical outlets. Their capacity determines their range – typically 300 to 900 watt-hours on one charge.

The range of an e-bike depends on multiple factors, including battery capacity, motor power, level of pedal assistance used, terrain, rider weight, and riding conditions. On a single charge, an e-bike typically travels 20 to 80 miles (32 to 128 kilometers). However, using higher levels of pedal assistance or traversing hilly terrain could significantly shorten this timeframe.

Top 5 Advantages Of Electric Bikes Compared To Normal Bikes

Electric bikes offer numerous benefits over traditional bikes. Some advantages of electric bikes are as follows:

1) Environment friendly

Electric motorcycles produce zero emissions while riding, making them an environmentally friendly transportation option. They help reduce air pollution and also carbon emissions, contributing to cleaner air and mitigating climate change. Moreover, since they run on electricity, they don’t depend on our scarce fossil fuels as a source of energy.

2) Cost-effective

E-motorbikes offer significant cost-cutting potential when compared with their gasoline counterparts. They have lower operating costs due to electricity being typically more affordable than gas and resulting in reduced fuel expenses.

E-motorbikes also require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts, zero oil changes, and no regular fuel system maintenance needs.

3) Noise-free operation

Electric motorcycles operate quietly and provide a smooth and seamless riding experience. The absence of an internal combustion engine reduces noise pollution.

4) Better performance

Electric motorcycles offer impressive performance and acceleration capabilities. Electric motors deliver instant torque, providing quick acceleration and powerful performance, often comparable or even superior to their gasoline-powered counterparts.

5) Energy efficient

Electric motorcycles are more energy-efficient than internal combustion engine motorcycles. They convert a higher percentage of the electric energy from the battery into mechanical power, resulting in greater overall efficiency.

Electric Bikes: A New Trend In Togo & Benin

Advantages of electric bikes have made them a eco-friendly transportation alternative in Togo and Benin. They also have quickly gained traction among residents as an eco-friendly transport alternative. Their popularity among the local communities makes e-bikes even more desirable.

One of the key attractions of electric bikes is their environmental benefit; these bicycles run on electricity and produce no emissions compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

This feature can help reduce air pollution while simultaneously protecting Togo and Benin’s natural beauty, creating an ideal situation for riders as well as our planet!

Electric bikes provide an economical and convenient form of transport, particularly in congested urban areas where traffic congestion is a common occurrence. Their maintenance needs are minimal, and operational expenses are lower than cars or motorcycles. This makes them an appealing option for daily commuting needs. This accessibility factor makes electric bikes especially appealing as a daily commuting option.

With more production units opening for EV startups in Togo and Benin, more people are being employed helping to curb unemployment and poverty while strengthening both nations’ economies as a whole.

Also, both governments in these nations are enthusiastic about electric bikes. Governments in Togo and Benin have reduced tariffs on electric bikes and have introduced zero VAT. This paves the way further for EV manufacturers to set up plants in these two countries.

All these combined advantages of electric bikes are making them a sought-after mode of transportation in these African nations.

Introducing Spiro’s Electric Two-wheelers

Spiro is one of the top electric bike manufacturers in Togo, Benin, and Rwanda. Spiro aims to revolutionize the EV scenario in these African nations by setting up 500-acre factories in each African country. They plan on manufacturing 1000 EVs and 2000 batteries per day and employing 3000 people per year.

Spiro currently has two bestselling EVs, which are taking the African EV market by storm.

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1. Spiro Commando Electric Bike

This electric bike is currently the showstopper in Spiro’s arsenal. Its features include:

  • Power: 6.5 KW
  • Speed: 80KM/H
  • Range: 75 KM
  • Swapping Time: 2-3 mins
  • Net Weight: 120 KG

Moreover, it has dual lithium-ion batteries, which are removable and, thus, easily interchangeable with new ones. It also has a smart Wi-Fi-powered screen projection on a 7-inch TFT display.


It shows all your desired data and has day and night modes. It’s developed on Linux and includes OBD fault reminder and tire pressure monitoring.

2. Chap Chap E-Scooter

CHAP – CHAP is a low-cost alternative to Spiro’s electric bike. Its features include:

  • Power: 2.5 KW
  • Speed: 65KM
  • Range:90 KM
  • Swapping Time: 2-3 mins
  • Net Weight: 92 KG

The E Scooter also has a LCD dashboard showing the rider various EV information. Vacuum tires and lightweight wheel hubs make the front and rear wheels strong and tough.

The wheels are also resistant to punctures and water, so users won’t feel bumps during their rides.

spiro chap chap electric scooter

Spiro’s two-wheelers are the perfect solution for individuals looking for a low-cost and greener means of transportation.

Their products are energy efficient, provide value for money, and also are easy to maintain in the long run.

Why Choose Spiro’s Electric Two-wheelers

Spiro is the brand that brings innovation and excitement to the world of electric motorbikes and scooters.

Below are some reasons why Spiro’s electric vehicles can be a great option for you.

1) Cutting-edge technology

Spiro’s electric bikes are designed with the latest advancements in electric automobile technology. This allows them to reach speeds similar to gas-powered vehicles. Also, their EVs can cover greater kilometers, thanks to their large batteries.

spiro electric bike instrument cluster
2) Environmental friendly

With a focus on sustainability, Spiro is committed to reducing carbon emissions and minimizing our ecological footprint. By choosing their electric motorbikes and scooters, riders contribute to a cleaner environment and help combat air pollution.

advantage of electric bike in togo and benin
3) Cost-effective

With Spiro’s electric motorbikes and scooters, riders can say goodbye to expensive gasoline bills. Instead, they can enjoy the benefits of charging their vehicles using electricity, which is typically cheaper and more stable than fossil fuels.

Closing Thoughts

the rise of electric bikes is revolutionizing the way we commute and explore our surroundings. In Togo and Benin, this trend is taking hold, and for good reason. Electric bikes offer a myriad of advantages that are reshaping the transportation landscape in these regions.

As the adoption of electric bikes continues to grow in Togo and Benin, more individuals are embracing the benefits they offer.

Now you too can switch to Spiro’s energy-efficient and powerful electric bikes and join the electric bike revolution in Togo and Benin. Embrace sustainable transportation, save money, enjoy the freedom of mobility, and embark on unforgettable journeys with Spiro’s electric bikes and scooters as your trusted companion.


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