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What Drove the Founding of M Auto

Our Story

Like any transformative novel technology, electric vehicles create an array of potent economic development challenges and opportunities. While the electric vehicle (EV) market is still at a relatively early stage, it is poised to reshape transportation worldwide.  


As part of a futuristic, sustainable industrial revolution, we don’t feel the need to do things according to the so-called norms. We invest ourselves into creating solutions that are a promise to solve bigger problems —especially in terms of environmental issues. 

 Our goal was never to be just another EV company. But to be a company that recognizes problems and finds tech-driven, sustainable solutions. MAuto doesn’t want a future where we have space for regret when it comes to environmental responsibility. We are protecting the environment and empowering everyone who works with us. 

Being one of the pioneers in the sustainable energy-based industry, the ideation of MAuto began in 2014. Our expert engineers and leaders started manufacturing EV batteries. It took us nearly 4 years to deploy our first fleet of electric vehicles, including 3 variants of three-wheelers and 3 variants of two-heelers.  

The company was officially incorporated in 2018, and we started the deployment of EVs in Chennai (India) and major parts of Togo and Benin (Africa).

Our Work in Africa

MAuto Electric signed an agreement with PIA for commencing its activities and to start MAuto’s largest electric vehicle manufacturing unit at PIA Togo in Africa in the presence of Hon. Minister of Environment and Forest Resources Mr. Katari Foli-Bazi, Hon. Minister of Road, Rail and Air transport Mr. Affoh Atcha Dedji, Minister of Investment Promotion Mme Rose Kayi Mivedo, and Minister of Commerce, Industry and Local Consumption Mr. Kodjo Adedze. We have been working on this for over a year now and are aiming to employ 50% of women.

We’ve already launched our training for women mechanics and technicians. Besides, we’re committed to achieving a set of other goals, including: 

  • Setting up the largest battery unit in Africa.
  • Producing 1000 units of bikes per day, 30,000 units per month, and 60,000 units of batteries per month in the MAuto Togo factory. 
  • Building an extensive dealer network in and around Africa.

We’ve been staunch believers in social entrepreneurship. Environmental sustainability is the other top-most priority for us. All MAuto vehicles are electric and designed to be in harmony with the environment. Moreover, with MAuto, we brought in a sizable number of women and transgender drivers. And a female leader oversees a fleet of more than 50,000 male drivers. And that’s not all. There is zero tolerance toward gender biases at MAuto. We only look at people’s skills and potential—not their sexual orientation. 

Why you should choose MAuto

All-Electric Solutions

We’re an all-electric transportation solutions provider. All our vehicles are 100% environmentally friendly. At MAuto, we strongly believe in a future where all of humankind and our methods are in harmony with mother nature, including travel! Getting from one point to another doesn’t have to necessarily produce harmful emissions all the way. Travel with MAuto! 

Superior Safety and Comfort 

We have well-trained drivers, and every single one of our vehicles goes through multiple checks and tests before they reach you! They’re all registered, insured, and ready to go! Our vehicles are also equipped with sensors and GPS systems to always keep track. And our app-based simple booking system makes it easier than ever to make eco-friendly travel a part of your life! 

Inclusive Social Entrepreneurship  

MAuto’s uprising journey towards transportation, public transport, electric vehicles, and society as a whole has been highlighted by the role of visionary female change-makers who are redefining society and the future of our planet by accelerating their groundbreaking technological inventions and overall improvement. 

Female mechanics have been playing a huge role in advancing concrete and transformative action on behalf of our people and planet, in Africa, UAE & India. Moreover, MAuto’s largest fleet of electric ‘moto taxis’ in Africa was not only built by women EV technicians but is also driven every day by women drivers.  

Our Future: the Road Ahead

MAuto envisions to be a leading EV company that champions responsible and sustainable innovation. We’re driven by the need to build a future-proof Africa and India with the provision of convenient mobility solutions, empowering locals with jobs, reducing the rate of carbon emissions, and stimulating local economies while encouraging inclusivity within its ecosystem. 

 We are so proud that our vehicles have been made with so much effort, vigor, and love by our women workforce. We only strive to help all the talented ladies explore different opportunities so that they can soar high. 

 These pictures are just a glimpse of our everyday challenging work. Rest assured, the energy is glorious when our people—including women, men, and transgender colleagues—take charge.


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